The Impossibles: Come Back | The Position

Come Back | The Position

Color Vinyl 7 inch


$20 Tiers are still available. Contribute at this level before August 31st and your name will be on an insert included with all 300 records as a special thank you for helping us make it happen!

The Impossibles have written new music for the first time in over 12 years, and you can help them press these songs onto a LIMITED EDITION COLOR VINYL SEVEN INCH RECORD!!

"Come Back" is the band's first return to their ska-influenced sound since 1998, and runs in the vein of songs like "Plan B," "So Much" and "(Never) Say Goodbye." B-side "The Position" is an aggressive pop rock tune with a shuffling beat to move your feet!

Both songs will be included on the transparent blue 45 rpm 7 inch vinyl record which will be limited to 300 copies. Records will come in full color glossy "glue pocket" jackets. Design and layout by Dan Patton based on work by photographer Joelle Andrés.

Vinyl will be pressed by Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, OH. A lot of vinyl pressings these days are made by companies that manufacture in Europe using processes that are intended to sound "modern", but lack the warmth and fidelity we love. Gotta Groove makes vinyl that sounds great right here in the U.S.A.

+The Project FAQ's

How will you know my t-shirt size and address for delivering my rewards?
When the rewards are ready for delivery we will email you at the email address you provided us to ask for your shirt size and shipping address.
Who can I contact for support?
When will I get my 7 inch record?
We currently have a pressing date of October 20th reserved. If everything goes according to plan, records will be shipping out priority mail in the first week of November. We want to get this record in your hands ASAP.
What about the other rewards, when do those go out?
Manufacturing of most other rewards should take less time than the 7 inch and be delivered concurrently, with the exception of the personally written song.
How will the personally written song work?
Songs will be delivered in the order that the corresponding pledges are received, starting after our Fun Fun Fun Fest show the weekend of November 8-10. You'll collaborate directly with Rory via phone or email to discuss subject matter, genre, "vibe" and any lyrical ideas you'd definitely like included. The song will be recorded on professional equipment with full instrumentation and delivered as uncompressed audio via CD-R.
Where can I hear the songs that will be on the 7 inch?
Recording of the music will begin the week of August 5th and the finished songs will not be released until the 7 inch records are completed. Participants in our crowdfunding project will be the first to hear the songs via emailed download codes, with delivery to digital music services in the subsequent weeks.
Why aren't you putting out your old records on vinyl?
This 7 inch is an experiment to test the waters with our fan base as far as interest in Impossibles vinyl goes. Releasing those records would involve licensing the content from Warner Music Group, and if this project goes well that becomes a much more realistic prospect.


08.14.2013 Mixing and Mastering


We're very pleased to announce that thanks to your incredibly generous contributions we're going to be able to have the songs for our upcoming seven inch professionally mixed and mastered! Jamie Woolford (The Stereo, Animal Chin) is working on the mixes right now and mastering will be provided by Sun Room Mastering.

08.11.2013 Recording has begun!


This week we started tracking the songs for the seven inch in Rory's living room (aka the current home of WWIV Studios.) Photos by Paul Toohey